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Clay x Embroidery

Hand-cut | Hand-painted | Hand-embroidered

Our Adventures with Fish

Lockdown day X, we picked up some leftover thread to embroider cute little flowers on our clothes. Soon after, we got a few hoops, needles, and thread to test out stitching patterns. 

Lockdown day Y, we found some air-dry clay and moulded a whole lot of circles on which we stuck some dried flowers. Thereafter, we ordered more clay and played around with various shapes and techniques.

Lockdown day Z, we wondered if it would be possible to embroider through clay. Yes, that’s right! Googling the possibilities, we found nothing of this sort on the internet and thought of giving it a shot. That is how the machhis were born in the Kai sea. 

So here we are, swimming in an ocean of endless possibilities, hoping that you enjoy wearing our handmade accessories. 


My favourite go-to pair of earrings! They are adorable. Thank you for sharing your wearable art with us.


These earrings are everything I wanted- they are so so pretty! Kai lends me a lot of joy through the pandemic.


Best package ever! Feeling all shades of blue, and saying that in the best way possible because blue is love!


Favourite brand ever! You both make the best accessories that exist on this planet. Love everything!

No such thing as too much Kai 🌞

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